Pure Badger Hairs Brush


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  • Shaving Brush is used to make lather for a wet shave. You cannot do a perfect shave without a traditional shaving brush. Using a best shaving brush will allow you to get the right lather consistency much easier and quicker. Bristles of our badger hair shaving brush are made up of pure badger hairs.
  • Some people use their hands to make lather but hands cannot reach there where the bristles on the badger brush can reach. If you use your hands to make lather, then you have to use a greater quantity of shaving soap or shaving cream.
  • Handle of our badger hair brush is made up of 100% pure & high quality wood which make it more durable. The wooden handle gives a good grip and feels substantial in the hand. The leather will make the hair on your face will be much softer and the razor will glide over the hairs cutting them much easier.
  • If you want a great shave, you really need to get a nice thick lather. Our badger shaving brush comes in a beautiful black designer gift box and can be a perfect gift for your son, husband, father and friends on birthday, thanksgiving, New Year or Christmas.

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Deluxe Shave is beautiful and functional is every way! Close shave with a traditional pure badger hairs brush.  A great everyday razor that’s equally suited for the novice or connoisseur.  The classic wood shaving brush provided extra handle grip and a more lather, close shave with a traditional double-edge blade.  The silvertip badger hairs knot size 18/58 mm.  We use the same high standards of quality and the best possible quality standards available.

Pure Badger Hairs Brush

Become a professional barber

Deluxe Shave has been producing the highest quality state of the art instruments since 2006.
Our mandate strives for excellence in production, delivery and service of our product. The Vintage Barbers is dedicated to the production of the highest quality individually handcrafted instruments, in the industry.  Our product is renowned over the world for uncompromising quality of precision, durability and reliability. German forged instruments are finely and meticulously handcrafted by artisans in our state of the art manufacturing facility.  With our robust and efficient production process we are able to provide our customers with excellent product in time to meet their demand.


You Will Need To Learn

1- Soak The Brush

  • Fill only enough to soak bristles.
  • Use hot water.
  • Leave brush in bowl or mug while prepping skin.
  • Use sink if neither is available.
  • Not required for synthetic brushes.

2- Bloom The Brush

  • Add layer of warm water on soap.
  • Let soften while prepping skin.
  • Only required for hard soaps.

3- Load The Brush

  • Empty bowl or mug.
  • Squeeze brush to remove excess water.
  • Apply light pressure & swirl for 30″
  • Hard water may require a further 15″
  • Scoop & work in a “snurdle” of soap into bristles

4- Create Lather

  • Press brush into bowl or mug & swirl for 30″.
  • Pass bristles through running watter.
  • Repeat Twice.
  • Bubbly lather requires more soap.
  • Thick cream requires more water.

5- Leather Face

  • Rinse face & pass brush through running watter.
  • Swirl brush in tight circles over face.
  • Start from sideburns & work down to chin & neck.

Pure Badger Hairs Shaving Brush

Detailed Image
pure badger hairs brush
How to use shaving brush

Features & Benefits:

A shaving brush is an essential part of your grooming routine, helping your skin prepare for the blade you’ll press against it and moisturizing your follicles for future healthy growth

  • 100% natural Top quality Manchurian Silvertip badger hair generates rich lather for great shaving result
  • REAL Shisham Wood long Handle is designed by our Italian artist, smooth and easy to hold
  • Comes with matching drip stand for storage and drying purposes
  • Softens and lifts beard hair for closer longer lasting shave
  • knot size 18mm; Weight: 66grams; Overall size:103mm, loft size:52mm, handle height:51mm; 
  • Handmade for Superior Quality
  • 18 mm brush knot
  • Packaged in a Gift Box

FAQ Pure Badger Hairs Shaving Brush

Is Silvertip badger the best?

  • Silvertip badger hair shaving brushes are made with the highest grade of badger hair, and they often have the highest level of craftsmanship and quality. They command the highest prices, and the end product is frequently far superior to any other style of brush.

What is a silver tip brush?

  • The Silvertip Shaving Brush generates a rich warm lather by retaining warm water to help lift and soften the beard hair, making it easier to cut.

Where are Deluxe brushes made?

  • The Deluxe Brush Company, located in Sialkot, Pakistan, has prooved itself in wet shaving world as one of the greatest shaving brush producers with more than 12 years of experience.
Additional information
Weight 125 kg

Polished Finish, Powder Coated, Rose Gold, Stain Finish

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