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Deluxe Shave have Shipping & Delivery Agreement and arrangement made by email/whatsapp with our representatives become legally valid only if approved in writing by us.  Quotation & acceptance of order are always without obligation.  Deviations in the orders placed by customers from our terms of delivery and payment shall not be binding for us if we have not expressed our consent in writing.  We shall be permitted expressly and in all cases to correct eventual errors in offers and invoices at a later point in time.


About shipment, The goods shall always, regardless of route and transportation means, be shipped to the place of destination at the risk of the purchaser.  Shipping charges, if not accruing to us in the case of freight paid FOB and C&F deliveries and also be depend on the shipper choice of cargo services, shall be borne by the purchaser unless, due to statutory regulations, the seller must bear traffic duties alone.  Each products packed in poly bag or as per customer required than according to international carton size specified to shipping country and custom requirements.

Delivery of Goods:

We will deliver the goods ordered by you to the address given by customer for delivery at the time you make your purchase.  Delivery will be made as soon as possible after you placed an order.  You will become the owner of the goods you have ordered when they have been delivered to you.  Once goods have been delivered to you they will be held at your own risk and we will not be liable for their loss or destruction.  All our delivery costs are calculated on total weight and de-mention, this includes the weight of both the products and the packing.

We have all options of delivery services for customers what they required at time of placement of order.

shipping & delivery

Worldwide Shipping & Delivery

shipping & deliveries

FAQ Shipping & Delivery

How do you ship?

  • We ship worldwide with door to door delivery we mean courier services and we also use cargo service for heavy shipments as well as sea port via sea shipping.

How long Transit Time is?

  • If you use courier it take 5-8 transit days to deliver you the goods and if you use air cargo it take 5-10 transit days as well as by sea it take 25-45 transit day to reach at destination.

Can we use our courier shipping account?

  • We can use your shipping account on your acknowledgement.
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